Friday, October 26, 2007


This picture is from the Berkeley City Club pool room, where I saw Every Inch A King last night. We went exploring and found this room. (Click to embiggen.)

Of course it was darker then, and I felt very much like a Sneak, since there were people swimming, and I was wearing a cabbie cap.

Wikipedia has a small but informative article on it:
Although didn't she design the Hearst Castle too? Can't swim there... maybe I'll swim here. Oh, and here's the official website:

I'm probably hideously out of date about finding this blog, but for the 2 people including me who don't know about it, it's pretty amazing, full of really funny and interesting trivia. I likes:

Tomorrow's the costume party, and I still haven't completed my costume or got off my ass to get a haircut. It happens, I'll just be a very hairy Link. (No, not from Zelda.)

And more proof life is becoming like a comic book/video game/movie (and that's great for an up and coming mad scientist like myself):

And thank you for asking, but I haven't heard back from them about my Lear audition. Their loss. I still think they're in shock from my amazingness and they haven't been able to pick up a phone to call me.

And something I'd like to do if I had the time:

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