Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shit I would mildly like to have because I have no wants this holiday season (well, okay, I do want a few):

iPhone or other multimedia phone: and elsewheres… verizon has a good package too, but iPhone is on the top of my list. has good reviews of phones.

The complete Bone collection:

Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norell by Susanna Clarke (and/or other novels by her, she’s good):

Any of the UK (but would gladly accept US editions, the bigger paperback versions) editions of Neil Gaiman’s work, the first 7 are the ones with the covers I enjoy:

An XBox360 with Mass Effect (it’s a game) and Rock Band (that’s a game too).

A class or two bought at Voicetrax:

A subscription to Wired.

A subscription to New Scientist.

A good (photo?) printer. To print out my headshots.

A new job in the field that I’m interested in.

A Grad School away from Marin. (This is really the only thing I truly want.)

Music Lessons – singing and instrumental (accordion, guitar, ukulele, along those lines).

To be in a good play that is produced professionally.

All said, not quite a humble list, but I’m not greedy for these things, they’re just fun stuff that would definitely be a fun addition to my life. Especially the classes!

What do you want for the holidays?

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