Tuesday, November 13, 2007


*blinks at the daylight*

Hello there. I am back from Vegas. So much fun. For a place that evolved from lawlessness in the middle of a desert, I never felt safer. What an odd place, hundreds of miles of nothing, and then a big neon dumbass sprawling city that everyone across the world comes to pour money into. It's like a giant offering to some old god that people forgot, but the tradition lives on.

Gambled a little, ate a lot, sang a lot, then had horrible stomache problems a lot. It was an epic weekend to be had by all. And I had a sick day when I came back, spent on the toilet! Woohoo!

The highlight of the whole time (aside from winning money, which I did, and I am still very happy) was seeing Tom and being with him for his 50th birthday. He's an excellent person, and I am glad that I talk to him more often now. All of his brothers came out too, and we had a birthday dinner here, but not here, where my mom and I thought it was; we sat in Liberace's old bar, wondering where they were for a half an hour. I wouldn't know to recommend it for the food, but the drinks were tasty and made the evening go a lot more smoothly. I wonder why I never drank before? Everything's so simple: Talking to people, eating, vomiting, gambling, driving, sitting in a jail cell - what a wonderful magic drug it is.

But the dinner was lovely, and 2 hours later it was out of my body again, so I didn't even cheat with the high fatty foods! Huzzah for stomach viruses. Or whatever I have. Makes me feel special in a queasy way.

The next night my mom and I went and saw Penn and Teller (mostly because Neil Gaiman said it was cool) . That was the kind of show that really makes me enjoy the performing world. There were no frills and everything was very intelligent - they don't play to the lowest common denominator; they both trust that the audience is smart and can understand the topics they're talking about. No wonder they've been performing successfully for over 30 years, the last five in Vegas; it was a truly spectacular performance. They even had a jazz duo before the show. I could go on and on.

Of course, thinking about how they've been a team for 30 years and thinking about when they started their act, it made me want more of a drive towards a goal. Obviously the two of them have had to been driven, and it makes me think that this is the time of my life to start something big. It may not be comedy magic (most likely won't, actually), it may not even be acting, but I want to get out there and do something so that later in life I won't be thinking how much time I wasted sitting around in marin county making blog posts at work. I mean, who does that? Oh wait.

It was a wonderful trip, I'm definetly going to go back soon.

In other news, I just turned in my 401k plan. Way overdue. That's my contingency plan: if I don't become a huge success, at least I'll have some investments and other boring shit that everyone else deals with in their lives. It happens to the best of us. I'm just hoping that something better will come along. Either that or I'll live as a hermit, a druid, living of the plains and the fields and I'll make my house out of branches and whimsy.

I need another vacation.

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