Friday, November 7, 2008


One week of rehearsal almost done. It seems like a lifetime, to be completely honest. So much has happened in this one week. My first week of my new (temporary?) job, we have an amazing new president, and I've been perpetually hungry as per my new tactic of being a little bit more discriminating when it comes to shoving food into my face. I can feel a difference, plus the exercise that I've been starting up again, and the renewed energy when it comes to applying for jobs.

It's been paying off... and I think I can sense the difference in the theatre world recently; not like I've been getting called back for everything, but people seem to be considering me for more leading men roles, rather than the friend of the main character, or the B character roles that often come with being a bigger guy. What a racket; I'm a great actor, and really can play any role that's thrown at me, but no on will really consider you for something like a lead until you lok like a lead. Unless you're a really different thinking director (like me, but that's just because I come from this place), and there are some out there, but for the most part, this is a good direction from me to go in.

I think I've been mentioning how great this show is for my singing abilities. Still true, still fun. And what's more interesting is that I'm really getting the choreography and musial timing down really fast. It's neat being trained sometimes, not to mention the fact that I learn very fast.

Oddness though. One of my other actors in the show needed a ride, and then awkwardly offered to drive last night. Cool! I don't have to worry about the toll and the gas, blah blah blah. But for approximently 50% of the ride, he talked about other people that he's been... not even working with... it's more just people that he likes... or maybe just want to like him. And it's not like I even know these people... It's fun to hear stories, but there's only so much success that other people get stories that I can tak before I don't care anymore. And by "so much" I mean, it's nice to hear once, and then stop talking about how people got into grad schools or are in movies, etc.

Oh well, gotta stay positive. That's the direction I should keep.

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