Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Did!

We did it! After hours, days, weeks, years of uncertainty and nausea, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we have better than the best man for the job! It has brought joy throughout my entire day, and even though a little over half of Californians can die in the fires of my asshole, I still have hope that we will pull through whatever shit that the religious right have embedded in people's psyches.

However, it's not Paradise. I still have to work part time for a job that pays pennies in the bucket, I still have no prospects for future employment; all interviews and jobs that were on the horizon for me have either been non communicative or have said they're going in another direction. I love that phrase. Sometimes its true... sometimes its just something people say to be kind about the whole situation.

Odd, I get off work, come home, apply for jobs, and then try and rest as best I can before I have to zip off to rehearsal. It's an odd life for me right now. A very temporary time, to be sure; the show plus run is only 7 weeks long. I certainly wish it was longer and better paid... and was in Marin, so that it would be an easier hike... but anyway. That's a lot of wishes, and to make things better I should change my attitude rather than the environment. And it has been an amazing amount of fun... and an amazing amount of work.

So yes, bettering myself for the good of... myself. And my nation, I suppose. I've never felt this much pride in America. Ever. Hm. Maybe I'll go into politics.

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