Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here I am

Kennedy dying sucks. But he was old and sick. But he was cool. It happens.

So I've just been keeping busy with Brigadoon; Singin' in the Rain ended a few weeks ago. I have a lot more to do in this one, but it's still the same old shit at this theatre company that I've been complaining about this whole season, and I tried to stop complaining so I don't loathe the rehearsal process. Never again, that's what's pushing me through the whole thing. I don't know why people would ever go back there. Granted, if I was equity, I'd go back there... so maybe that's the thing.

My life has been pretty much the same, job search, rehearsal, exercise, video games, maybe hanging out with friends. I need to get back on the ball with some auditions, but with this past year of theatrey goodness, I think I might want to take a short break for a while. After all, with The People's Theatre, I'll pretty much always have a part.

In the meantime, I'll try and get back on the ball with writing, and maybe I'll start reviewing other things, like shows and movies that Monica and I go see, to keep things fresh. My other writing is slow, but it's happening, so there you go. The best thing to do is write.

I also need to shave.

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