Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just stuff

Things have been super busy in the Ben world as of late. And yet, I still have plenty of time to watch my new favorite, albeit very short, show, Freaks and Geeks; why has it taken me super duper long to find this in my life? Jeez.

Anyway, Singin' in the Rain is going alright for the most part, it's just a constant struggle working with a slightly unprofessional thing when it comes to the running of the entire place; if there's one turnoff in my life, it's disrespect, and this company has it in spades. It was slightly (really slightly) better today at the end - the stage manager really listened to my concern, and actually made some changes in the way the scene change was done. So a high note.

I've been stupidly depressed about not having money, or being in a job that could support me... I'm just tired of being completely dependent. Not completely of course, as devotees know, I'm a super writer and actor and singer, etc., but for some reason my mind has been wandering down the different paths my life could have taken. Weird thoughts happen after a 12 hour rehearsal process.

Also, I'm going to Ikea tomorrow, I think.

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