Monday, July 27, 2009

What Actually Happened

Yesterday I called in sick to rehearsal, feverish, unable to sleep, I dialed the stage manager's number, telling her I need to get rest, and that I would try to make it, but would call her if I could. I slept the rest of the day.

I mean, what really happened is because of the horrible disrespect they've given me, and other actors (yet most others they don't seem to see it) my little rebellion is calling in sick to a show, something I've never done before, something that made me feel a little weird at first, but then simply washed away. Also, bunches of other people aren't showing up. I guess it comes down to a respect thing.

What I REALLY did yesterday was go to the SF Theater Festival and watch/film the performance of Crazy! We turned out to be the stars of the morning, better than a lot of the stuff that was going on earlier in the day... and later in the day for that matter. I say we, because the cast gratefully emphasized that I'm in the cast as well was directed. And we were approached bunches of times afterwords. So cool.

Now I'm watching Fringe, and going to go on a super big hike later today, to start getting back into shape. Fringe is... very formulaic. Yet big casts interest me. And it's fun.

Surprisingly hard to write lately. I really need to write a little bit every day.

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