Thursday, July 2, 2009

Marin County Fair

Had a night off from rehearsal last night (the suprisingly frustrating Peter Pan) and on mostly on a whim, Monica and I went to the Marin County Fair. Now, this really is a fair, with farm animal judging and stuff, but it also has a great art section; it's like a art museum of our neighbors. Always my favorite part of the whole event. Also, we saw a woman who was wearing a costume from Star Wars (no, not the Leia slave one, the red one where the mouth is covered), and her eyes looked exactly like Carrie Fisher's. It was pretty cool, and I hope she gets tons of work just for that fact. The only odd thing was that I kept on looking, and she kept on catching my eye, and I didn't want to get caught looking, so it was an awkward repeition of me looking down, etc.

As in all county fairs, I ate way too much and too horribly, so it's back on eating better and doing some exercises during the day. I was able to eat some really delicious Gyros, and an incredibly gross funnel cake. Gross = delicious... let's just say it's a good thing I only get those once a year. Bleh. It's always a miracle that I enjoy them.

Tonight it's back to Peter Pan and my Summer Of Musicals. I'm going to enjoy the short run of these plays and the relatively easy rehearsal process. After all, my contract says ensemble (singer), not dancer. So ha! Just wish they realized that I could dance; it's always frustrating when a capable performer like me gets underused. Oh well.

Tell you the truth, I am SO ready for a break.

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