Friday, March 19, 2010

Been working on Lady, Be Good! It's surprisingly good. The director, while loosey goosey at times, is very competent when it comes to running a fast moving ship such as a silly comedy from the 1940s. Good for him.

I've been lack about posting here, simply because it's been the day to day shit of looking for jobs, and feeling sorry for myself for not getting a pretty great, pay for everything in my life, gig, but after a heart to heart with Monica, I realize now that's not the way to go through things; too bad it took me 2 years to fully understand that this time is my own, and I should be using it to improve myself. Example: I have an apple and some toast for breakfast, rather than my waffle concoction.

Also, just found out I was accepted for health insurance at Kaiser. Yay? There goes 100+ bucks down the drain every month that I don't have, plus stamps. I don't know why stamps bugs me, but in this age of wireless payment and shit, why can't I just pay the fucking thing online. You'd get the money quicker, and I'd not have to go buy stamps. Fuck stamps.

Anyway. Looks like I'll have to ask for money to pay for my health insurance. Why do we have to pay for it again? Wow, looks like this semi positive jaunt back into the writing world turned into something bitter. Better start thinking positive again.

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