Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Opening night!

It's been a not so long road, to be honest. We only started rehearsals about 25 days ago, but look how far we've come! In this time, we've staged probably one of the best musicals San Francisco will see for a long time, and without the huge Broadway budget. Or really any kind of budget at all.

As we get closer to the start, I realize that I've been given a really great opportunity with this role, and I'm happy I'm in good hands with the director; good enough to be doing a pretty great job in a role that could go horribly awry if not done correctly. There are a couple of parts in this show (the two leads, the main comic relief guy) that are pretty easy to understand - they have all the good dialogue, all the good punchlines, etc. But my character requires a little bit more thought; there's really no good lines, and the lines he does have are more weird than anything else. Let's just hope audiences like my take on Bertie. I know I do.

Also, I just got a haircut and I look awesome.

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