Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Throw Money At It

One hundred and fifty dollars later, the power of the arctic blows freely in my car! Turns out, all it needed was a recharge, and the reason my gauge wasn't saying it needed a recharge was because it was still pressurized.... so the moral of the story is to throw money at it. Luckily, I saved about 200 bucks by going to a different place than our regular mechanic, happy about that, but still, I don't have a lot of money.... but hopefully the drag that is saved in gas money will pay for itself. Also comfort has a price.

Also, I'm hungry. Time for a sandwich.

Okay, there's no sandwich fixin's here, so I might have to make a excursion to Trader Joe's for some deliciousness. Or I might just be lazy and eat some pretzels. Hey, it's junk food with no fat. Besides, I took a nice walk today. WHY AM I DEFENDING MYSELF TO A JOURNAL?

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