Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cathing Up

Been keeping myself busy with rehearsals and looking over lines and such. It's been a busy week, for the most part; busier than I was when I was actually at work. It's fun being unemployed and actually getting things accomplished in my life. Maybe I should start my own business called "We Get Shit Done, Inc." where we will just get shit done, with plenty of video game playing time allocated throughout the day.

Anyway. My show has been going great for the most part. We still have some clunky actors involved, and Hector's working with them, so it's been getting better and better. The only problem with the show right now is that when I get home I'm really hyper and my energy is so up, especially after tonight, that when I see Monica, I just want to romp and play, and she wants to go to sleep. For good measure; she's tired. But it's just strange as to how busy I've been and how awake I am right now. For example, I just tried to sleep for the last hour, and failed miserably, eventually getting up because my foot itched way too bad, and therefore I had to put some Tea Tree upon it. It feels dried up and lovely right now. Also, a glass of wine is involved, so that may help me in a bit.

Today I wound my way to Nelson Staffing, after a response from Tim and his mailing list from Nelson. It's for a receptionist for Dominican College, really close by. It would be a good job, but I don't think they want me; I can't make it in for the full day on Monday because of my filming and my other interview. Hopefully that's more successful. I did, however, fill out their tests, and found out I do 95 words per minute. A shit tone more than I usually do. Fun. So now I'm in their system, and hopefully they'll think of me when they have other jobs. I should have a temp thing within the week.

One more glass. I really need to relax.

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