Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stuck on Repeat

Repeat lately. Jobs, exercise, reading, jobs, gaming, Monica. Those have been my days lately, and except for the odd job interview or the shows to keep me busy, that's been it. Fucking economy. It's not like I want a job, and it's not like I'm not trying, it's just that things are not falling into place. Plus, the unemployment hasn't kicked in yet... so yeah. When that starts up, I'll be a little less hideously scared about what's going to happen next in my life. Until then, I'll keep up the cycle. (4 jobs applied for so far.)

CSI's on in the background, and it's the dominatrix one; so tired of this one. Yes, she's hot, and yes she's powerful and blah blah blah. But I'm tired of her overacting. It worked the first time, but it makes me bored every time afterwords. And my feet are cold. Also there's a lot of overacting going on in this show.

So yes. Nothing new going on. Not even any new auditions really. Not that I haven't been looking for those as well. It's just. Stagnant now. Here comes that word again. I worry when I start tinking of that word.

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