Monday, August 18, 2008

Things are Aok

Things are doin' fine. My back hurts though; stress from this weekend and the lack of a job, I'd imagine. Not for lack of trying for a job, mind you, just a lack of people wanting someone. It happens.

Our official opening weekend of Midsummer has rocked hardcore. It is, by far, the most amazing version of the show I've ever seen. I would have said ever worked on, but it's the only Midsummer I've worked on, so that's a little tough to say for sure. I had a little drama backstage 2 nights ago because I said something stupid hanging out with the guys, and that consumed me for a little bit, since I didn't realize it was that bad, especially since I apologized right after. But people react differently, and sometimes my different way of thinking and the sort of "let it go" attitude keeps me from realizing that people's feelings get hurt a lot easier than mine. Apologized, and now it's hopefully done.

Anywho. Nothing much else to report. I'm just taking a break in applying for jobs. Hopefully someday this will all seem like a nice break where I've given myself plenty of exercise. And also hopefully I'll be able to find something I actually like.

Sigh. Back to it!

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