Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catching up

I await my downloads to be done with a little impatience: I want to play my games, and I really can't while the bandwidth is being taken up by my musicals streaming their data down from the interwebs.

Don from my internet show, [deleted], is contacting me, saying they're going pretty slow in shooting today, and that if I'm flexible to start after 2pm, that would be terrific. I know this is how film goes, just a lot of hurry up and wait, but the problem of other film is that one gets paid. This is frustrating, especially considering that I don't want to be there throughout the evening, and I actually have other things to do throughout the night. Yes, it would be neat if it caught on, and if it did, I will be the first to say oops, and that I gave it too little support. But that will be when I can live from it. Lets hope it comes to that.

Anyway, whenever I call or text back, I get no response for about 20 minutes, and then get a message back, along the lines of... "Can U come after 2PM?" Which, of course, I've already answered.

This is, most definitely, a labour of love for a lot of people involved, most of all Don. But honestly, he needs to be in better touch with who he's using, especially since we're volunteering for this project. Whatever. I'm not going to go up there today until he says something definite.

Job hunt is going alright. Still looking, a few bites, but no one has flipped out their checkbooks. On top of that, I'm feeling huge waves of jealousy from a bunch of people in my cast, people who I really shouldn't feel jealous about; we're not the same type at all. The problem is, they're getting all these pretty terrific parts, all over the place, honest to goodness equity roles, and I'm still stuck BEGGING other companies to even consider me for just an audition. Makes me jealous and angry and such. You know how it is. And I'm hungry, so that doesn't help.

At least one of those things I can fix.

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