Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Day

Rehearsal tonight seemed like two steps forward one step back. While Hector is still, indeed, the best director I've ever worked with, he really needs to step back and let us get to 10, as he always says. We need time to get to that point, and his directions are really amazing, sometimes it gets to be too much, when we have great stuff going on. Why do we need to pull stuff out or change perfectly good things? He's just being a director who's bored. It happens. I did however really go over the top with some of my stuff, so that was fun in the end.

Today was good. I worked on my lines, and applied for about 20 jobs, all the while working through a shoddy internet connection through earthlink. I totally even didn't play any video games today. Can you believe that? The one thing I love to do all the time, and instead I spent my entire day applying for jobs, getting a smog check, and going to the DMV.. and tomorrow I need to go back to the DMV! Wow! Fun shit! I hope tomorrow I have a job; tried to set up an interview for tomorrow afternoon, but I haven't heard anything back so far. Maybe they've already hired, maybe they hate me, whatever, I just know I will find something. OH! And I applied for unemployment.

Woo. One glass of wine has made me tipsy already. I have really a weak constitution when it comes to alcohol. And you can tell that I'm tipsy because I used words like constitution and had to retype this sentence 3 times while my typing gets back to normal.

Anyway, to bed.

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