Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Nerve

So I thanked Eavie for sending me the boxes of stuff and have heard back nothing. The beauty of facebook is that it's pretty impersonal when it comes to that kind of thing, but nothing whatsoever, not even a "you're welcome!" that brays half heartedly from her direction. Obviously she wants nothing to do with me, and that's fine, but there's no reason we can't be civil. Whatever. It's completely over now, and I probably will never see her again. More the pity; we'd be good friends if she wasn't so crazy.

The day has been horrifically uneventful. The hours, as usual, are achingly slow, but today just seems all the more excruciating. Granted, we're a little slow now, but usually I keep myself occupied in one manner or another. Whatever. I'll find something to do. Wait, I am! If I keep typing, the day will go faster and eventually it'll be time to go home. Yep. Just keep typing. Yep. Sigh. Annoying Elaine moment of the day: She's been very eager to help out. So every 15 minutes she cleans the counter. No foolin.

Tonight is the second rehearsal for Midsummer. I'm very excited to get things started, especially because after tonight we'll (hopefully) have all the mechanical's scene's blocked, including the Pyramus and Thisby play at the end! That should be fun. It's a lot to cram into a rehearsal though; we might just do the other scenes and start working on P & T later. Who knows? Whatever we're doing, it should be fun; we're not doing those boring lovers' scenes or the long winded Oberon scenes after all. Hehe, I like being the clown in shows.

And as if the universe were listening to me about how bored I was, it provided 10 Gnomes. Those little fuckers are everywhere in these pictures, and are damned hard to find. Find them. And love yourself for being a puzzle master. I'm going back to it.

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