Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh Noes!

The Singing Stage is only by invite only now! This is where I found some great albums! Oh noes! NOEEESSS! It happens and was good while it lasted; in the meantime, however, I have requested an invite to be one of the VIP members of the blog, so my reviewing and deleting them within the legal 24 hour period can continue. Then I will buy the albums through normal legal means. I like to hear the music before I hear the music; it's only fair.

What have I done today, you ask? Why thank you for being interested in my life. I've applied for two (count 'em!) theatre jobs in the bay area, and have actually looked at the TBA website for some more. It's actually pretty exciting, I fit into these administrative positions better than my current one, AND I would be enjoying some theatre stuff! Woot! Let's hope they come through. Pleaseohpleaseohplease. The rest of the morning was more training for Elaine, who keeps forgetting everything I tell her the second I'm done talking. Oh well. Won't have to put up with her much longer.

Computer was just screwy; restarted, and now everything's fine. Further emphasizing that everything's better after a restart.

Last night at rehearsal I learned two things: Hector is an amazing director and our Quince is terrible. I'm hoping it's just a one night out of his head I'm tired sort of thing, but it seemed deeper than that, especially when he put equal emphasis on every. Single. Word. He. Said. That just takes the emphasis away from everything! It's like if you only eat ice cream all the time, soon you'll be tired of ice cream because it's not a thing you do once in a while. Or if you eat ice cream all the time, but add whipped cream only sometimes, that's another way of saying it.

I really want some ice cream.

Tonight is the thieve's production of Seussical! One of my favorite shows! And my favorite girl is the Sour Kangaroo! I'm excited. She said last night, "well, we have a show." So that put my mind out of fear. And I believe this evening is the cast party, so yummers!

Back on my head.

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romansandals said...

I love the Singing Stage blog as well. How did you know where to request access? Is there a related email address I can write to? I love ice cream too, btw :)