Monday, July 14, 2008

What DID Happen This Weekend?

Honestly, I'm not quite sure. I'm exhausted, but I don't know of anything else really. Let me try and go through what I did... step by step.

Friday was a normal stupid day, as I recall, and rehearsal was that night for some scenes. I hung out with mom and Tim for a bit, eating some popcorn and going to Trader Joe's for some easily eatable lunches this week, and headed up to Novato to get to rehearsal at 7; WRONG TIME. We were supposed to be there at 6, and when I got there, I received a sense of... nothing from the actors. Nobody cared that I was an hour late, partially because there was really no notice of this, and partially because they had just been sitting around for an hour, while Hector was doing Lovers' scenes. That might be my fault, but I don't think it is; I think the rehearsals are scheduled very oddly. That reminds me, I'm going to write the Stage Manager and ask her to send out reminders on where we're going; she's a nice person, bringing cookies, but it would be nice for an email reminder every day. Done. Good.

Saturday was a sleep in day for a bit. I had more rehearsal later in the day, worked my ass off, and was given very specific directions. I understand what Hector is doing, but I'm more of the "don't marry your actions so early" camp. But I'll do whatever he wants and find other things if I want to change things around. Whatever. It's a short run, so we do what we can. Example: going to work on lines at lunch. I'm actually doing pretty good on them, which is semi rare for me. But then again, we don't have much time until we're OH EM GEE STARTING THE SHOW! I'm lucky I'm rocking out these lines so well. Unlike. Others.

Sunday was Bubba's Diner! Woo! Chocolate chip pamcakes. Then I played video games all day, and worked on some lines... and then stormed the cast party at the bowling alley, hanging out with Monica, Bruce, and Jessica. They all seemed happy the show was over, but proud of the production they helped create. Plus there was pizza and cupcakes, and I was able to meet some of the people from the cast; good people all!

Today is back to work. For the past hour, Elaine has been struggling (almost wrote struffling, which doesn't come up as a misspelled word, so I may have to look that up later) with doing the mail. Correction, hour and 30 minutes now. Keep this in mind that the mail has to be done at 11, and she started at 10:30. Granted, it's monday, so a lot of mail, and graned she's new, but honestly folks, I've shown her how to do the mail four times - actually spelling out the word four makes it more important, just so you know - and still she struggles. I have to hand it to her, she doesn't ask me for help more than 10 times, so good for her. She's trying, she's just not very efficient.

Kai said something good about this situation though; if she were not going to be my replacement, would I still be as annoyed with her as I am? And I thought long and hard about it, before finally saying: Yes, I would. She's kind of an idiot.

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