Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Events! Or, Whatever Happened to Sarcasm?

Hi folks. The past days have been pretty cool. Monday evening mom helped me out with my interview etiquette (specifically for my interview on Tuesday for AEA, but the tips were great in general). It was lovely to spend some time with my mom. I miss her a lot. It also made me realize how messy my room was. Funny how that works; we only realize how messy it is until other people come into our lives. Not that she cared.. it's just awkward at times.

Also on Monday - did I mention this already? - Leah told me that my last day would be July 31st. Our new person, Elaine would be starting on Tuesday. It shook me up a little, but I know I'm going to find a new soul sucking job sometime soon. I just have to keep putting my energy out there and look for something new. Besides, I have some resumes in the works, and hopefully Good Earth will call me any time now... *begins quiet sobbing*. I think I need to call them today and remind them that I'm interested; that's a good thing right? When someone kindly asks about a job, the worst thing they can say is no.

Until July 31. I wonder if they thought I'd be productive with the knowledge of when I leave. The answer is I will still be as productive as I've ever been. And now to load some Puzzle Pirates. Seriously though, there's some filing to do, and stuff that has needed to be done for a while, because there wasn't a second person here. Oh right, that thing, the fact that we need more than 1 person running the front office; that little gem. If they need a third person, I'm going to try and make sure that I have another job if they try and offer me my old job back.

I'm also still debating whether or not I should quit my job in this time, or have them do the lay off. I'll talk to Leah about this sometime this week to see what the status would be here. Shit, I sound like a real grown up person.

Tuesday I met Elaine. My replacement. It's an odd relationship. On one hand, I'm giving her some training, which is helping me with my "I can train people" skills. On the other, she's my replacement. On the other, she's kind of a dipshit. It's really strange. She's better than some people for certain, and maybe it's just a learning curve. But I was a little better than this when I first started. Nervous and chatty yes, but then again, I'm 20 years younger than she is, and infinitely more confident. Maybe it's the theatreblood that runs through my veins. We trained a bit on filing, phones, email, etc. The normal shit. She confessed to me that she's not very good with computers. Terrific. Had an encounter with Short Man Syndrome, and he reiterated some Important Information that he Commanded yesterday. How fun.

Leaving at 2:30, I was full of glee and nervousness myself; I had my phone interview with AEA at 3:30. I got home, dressed nicely (for I am one to use psychology in this situation) and sat down to go over my notes. At EXACTLY 3:30, I called, and proceeded to have an amazing interview for the next hour. It would be a good job for me. It would be a life changing job though, and I'd have to give up theatre if have it; too much travel. Sounds counterintuitive to move to LA and work with the union to not be able to act. It's not like I've accepted it; if they want me, I'll definitely think about it before saying no.

Monica and I had Macho Burritos for dinner, and I've just now digested mine. It sure hit the spot for TWELVE HOURS. Of course, now I'm hungry again. It was good to see her at a point when we weren't either asleep or frantically trying to kill a rat. By the way, we have rats.

Yesterday evening was the opening night of Mountian Days! Woohoo! I knew most of the words, and didn't fuck up as much as I thought I would. It is a good show, and more importantly, it'll help me more to be in with the Willows - equity card anyone? It's only a 3 show run - very good - and I've made some fun friends, as well as just now realizing there's a cool party this Friday after the show! Hello talking to people and drinking! This'll be a blast.

(bleh, speaking of drinking, this coffee is way too strong.)

This morning was more of the same working with Elaine. She's smarter than the average bear, but not as intuitive as I am. It takes a few times for her to get something down, but once she gets it, it looks like she gets it. That's good, but still annoying in the learning process. My hope is that once she learns everything, she'll truly understand it, and maybe the fury of the ages that this person is getting paid more than me will cease.

Tonight is more Mountain Days, a thank you note to AEA, and probably some Team Fortress 2 beforehand. The day itself will be full of boredom. Hurray.

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