Monday, June 30, 2008

Warming Up

As always, this is my warmup post for when I need to write something. Also, it'll help me document the mediocre shit in my life that happened this weekend. So... yay? Where did we last leave off...

Friday went by relatively quickly, and I busted my ass to get to Martinez at 6 (when we were called) and we didn't start until 7. That is officially the last time I bust my ass to get to anything at the Willows other than a pizza party. The rehearsal itself was pretty fun; still don't know the words, but neither do a lot of people, so a surprising amount had their books out to glance tiny peeks at the cheat sheet. We sounded great. And the Martinez waterfront is beautiful when the sun is setting, especially when the fires are still making some Mood Smoke. Also, Carbon Monoxide, but that just makes you sleepy. We ended early (yay!) and I went home and had my now daily vice of Taco Bell. (That's changing today with New Leaf.) Whilst I was gone, Monica's friend Ryn came from Seattle and stayed with us at our place. She's nice.

Saturday was filled with egg bacon cheese muffins for breakfast and a day of Monica having to go to tech, so to cut the awkward with Ryn, we went and saw The Incredible Hulk - quite amazing. It's better than the other Hulk, but I'm not a hater of that movie. This one was much more true to the roots though, especially the television show. The casting was a little better on all the parts as well. I sure hope they make a Hulk Grey sequel before they just have him on a rampage in The Avengers. But then again, I'm not Hollywood, so they can do whatever they want. Ryn was a good companion at the movie. I of course ate too much popcorn.

That evening Monica and I went to see Cabaret at SF Playhouse. It was disappointing. The crowd seemed to love it... but it was opening night, so they probably were some good supporters. Anyway, as we do when we're frustrated, after the show Monica was worried about picking up Ryn from the whatever, and I wanted to talk to some people. We were frustrated with each other, and combine that with being exhausted... it just wasn't a very good formula for being nice to one another. We noticed it as soon as we left, and I was happy to apologise as to how much of a douche I was. She apologised too. We were both pretty weird that evening. I think it was the disappointment of the show.

"Ah," you say, "The evening's over now, surely sleeping is quite simple, and a fresh new day can start tomorrow." That's the problem: we went to the bar that Ryn was hanging out at to pick her up, and she wasn't ready to leave. I'm glad we really didn't need to worry. Getting home, we relaxed for a bit, and just as I was drifting to slumberland, Monica saw a rat run across the floor. Que Ben Being A Man and going out to the floor and picking up all our shit and putting it on the couch, all while stomping to show the rat that I'm coming, so he has plenty of time to run away. I only have half visions of that evening; I remember lying in bed, hearing about the rat, and then being up and putting stuff away, and then lying down again. It was a strange, dreamlike experience that I think if we weren't woken up again later in the evening by (another? the same?) rat, I would have thought I dreamt it. But more rat stuff through the night. "But that must be it, Ben?" Not quite. At around 3AM, Monica got a call from Ryn's ride to the house, saying they were lost.

Now, Monica had given really good directions as to get to her house. She's really good at giving directions. These people were just drunken idiots. So when she went out on the balcony to tell them yes, you are right there, and no, stop driving away, I can see your car, come back, they backed up the car right into her car, and we had insurance swapping to happen! To my ever shame, I was unable to find my shoes in time to come out and see what was going on, but I doubt I would have been much of a help. And whatever I think now, I don't know what I would have done in the actual moment, so I can't say anything for sure. So there you have it. I made it back to sleep, Monica didn't, and the next day came.

Sunday was a pancake day for us; my stack of pancakes was 10 inches high, full of fluffy, ill formed, and delicious pancakes. I put so much butterscotch and chocolate chips that it's a miracle they didn't just disintegrate without the batter. Monica's mum came over, and was a little snarky: "It's a good thing you don't want kids, you'd never survive a night without sleep." To which I replied, "It's Sunday morning, so we're luxuriating." Then we ate pancakes to the talk of her mom telling us how to use rat poision. Yum.

Later I went home, took a shower, and played some Team Fortress 2. There are so many idiots on there, but I had a good time shooting them as a heavy, so that made me feel a little bit better. And then and then! We went to see Wall*E! Best movie of the year. By far. It had more in common with silent films than sci fi, but it had a great anticonsumerist and ecological message that rang very true throughout the entire film. Great great great. I can see it again and again and again.

Then rehearsal for me which lasted too long, and with better word memorization; still kept my book on stage with me though. Two weeks is too damn hard to learn a full score, geez! Especially for volunteers! Taco Smell again. No more of that: gave me a tummy ache.

And that brings us to today. This weekend I found that I was paid on Friday instead of today, and I don't really know how I feel about that. I have a sneaking suspicion that today is the day I will no longer have a job... it would be fine with me, but I need to know soon so I can really up my job hunting time. And the unknown is always hard... but at least I'll have some video games as friends. Also, this was a pretty good warming up post. I think I can start my writing now. Thanks.

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