Thursday, June 19, 2008

Look At What I'm Not Doing!

I'm not going over my lines! Hah! I haven't gone over them in a day! Woo! That needs to change, but for some reason right now I'm feeling really silly about it. I really need to get started on those; Shakespeare, while I make fun of it as being too high and mighty, still gives me the willies, and I need to work work work on those fuckers. It'll get done. I'm still coasting on the good vibes that came from the great audition at 42nd Street Moon! Woo!

Okay, back to business. Oh yay Monica's home! We get to go for a walk or for a swim or for something now: more procrastinating from lines! WOOT. Or maybe it'll just be more CSI, I love watching this show. Too bad I've been watching so much that now I'm seeing repeats... but you know what? The show is fucking awesome enough that it doesn't matter.

Alright, alright. I'm going to at least take a look at them now. Or hug Monica.

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