Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rocky Margarita

Just had a little dip in the pool with a VERY strong margarita in hand. Not in the pool, just on the side, where I needed it. Nice swim; WAY WAY too hot here today, and I thought I was better, living in the gauntlet that is Missouri. Blah, whatever. It's just the laptop that's keeping me really warm now... time to move to the floor...

Ahh. Much better under the fan. So anyway, Smash Mouth last night was pretty amazing. They seemed like they were coasting through their show, but after all, it is just Petaluma, so I don't blame them. It was still good, and they did some great numbers, including a Van Halen song. Who knew? The rest of the fair was kinda stupid, but we did get to have some delicious/disgusting fair food... yum!

This morning we got up INCREDIBLY early to go to Bubba's and have breakfast with Meal Club. Everyone was really tired, but it made me happy that they got up to basically help with our schedule of having to go to an audition later in the morning. I love my friends. They're really good people, and I'm planning to keep in touch with Keith when he moves to Boston. And Drew, but for some reason I don't think he's actually going to move... but maybe he is... meh whatevs.

AND! Rocky auditions went amazingly well! I wouldn't be surprised if they offered me Eddie like... right now *stares at phone*.. okay, we can wait for a bit. Both Monica and I auditioned incredibly well; she blew everyone out of the water with her song, and did a really good job with her monologue - she was given a hard one too! Right on Monica! I really want to do that show.

As for the rest of the day, I might head over and play some video games... or more likely go sit on the porch and study my lines in a little bit. That would be the smart thing to do... sigh... poor LOTRO, sitting there patiently...

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