Friday, June 13, 2008



As I usually do, I procrastinate in the mornings, even when what I have to do is pretty fun. My theory is that it's still before 8, so I shouldn't feel bad about not doing any work, for this job or my moonlighting ones.

Yesterday was a busy day, and I wasn't able to hang out with M for any time at all; I had work and show, she had work and rehearsal. We were able to see each other sleepily, briefly this morning and yesterday evening. It was nice, even though I am getting a little tired of a dirty apartment. That'll be a project for us this weekend. ("Yeah right," says the voice in my head, "when will you have time for THAT?!")

Tis Pity wasn't entertaining. I'm just glad I brought a notepad; I feel like a real writer now. Although I suppose I should start actually working on that... in a few, in a few.

WOW I really do feel like this is my job now: I don't want to do it! Hahaha! I do have a good way to start it; thank gods for volunteer gigs, I can almost do whatever I want in the writing. I do have to say though, this is the last time (unless I do it for a living) that I'll be going to four shows in a row, and trying to get something out the day after. It's just too hard when you have a soul sucking job to contend with as well.

At least it's friday.... THE THIRTEENTH!!! AHHHHH. Weird mood today. Maybe it's the coffee. Another cup!

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