Friday, June 27, 2008

As Always, Should Be Working On Lines

Chillin after lunch. Had a good one at Baja Fresh with Monica. It was nice to see her; it's so rare that we see each other conscious recently. Last night is the exception, as well. But even then, we went to bed pretty fast. And tonight, well, gotta go to Martinez to run the show (theoretically). There might even be an orchestra tonight. Or maybe they would have forced me out of the show for not knowing my part because I've never done it before.

That's the real trouble with this, as discussed a little bit with Monica over lunch: this show is done so quickly, and eventually off book, that it really is for the people who've done it before, whether it be 8 years or 1, but they should have said they couldn't keep me simply because I wouldn't be able to learn it in time. Combine that with the fact that they haven't kept their promises... well, I'll tough my way through it - having a good time with the songs when I have my book out - and it's a good credit, but goddamn if I'll know better than to do something else at the Willows. Then again, they'll just offer me something with equity points sooner or later and I'll go crawling back. Maybe when gas goes down to 3.99 again. Hello savings!

Um. I've been reading PvP. It started out pretty stupid, and then graduated to mildly hilarious with some gems, but seriously folks, it's no Penny Arcade. And that's why they're the best webcomic out there: they've eclipsed all the other webcomics (somehow) and become their own entity. They're living fullly from their art, and that's pretty fantastic. Well, the creator of PvP is too, so that's good. I think he is. No idea really.

And back to boredom. I hope rehearsal tonight isn't hideously long, but if it is I have my lines to study. Then again, it might be quick; it's supposed to just be a run through of all of the stuff. And theoretically the show's only supposed to be 45 minutes long. Pretty cool if you ask me.

It'll be over in a week.

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