Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Busy Bee!

I've stepped up my job search to "ludicrous" and for the past couple of hours have been feeling guilty every time I opened this window to type a little bit. Granted, this is the first thing I've been typing, so I think my guilt won out, and I applied for 8 jobs already this morning, all with (mostly) different cover letters. Rock on. Plus, I had hideous busy work, just finished, and had a review to write for High School Musical. Just finished that as well, and happily, it's almost time for lunch!

When did I last write here? I can't remember. I guess I'll just start where I feel like it.

Friday I was sick. Like nasty sick. I was in bed or watching TV most of the day, and it felt like a wonderful thing; I had also taken Monday off for Berkeley Rep and CalShakes - later in the post - so a part of me felt really happy that I was getting an impromptu 4 day weekend! Watching an amazing amount of Legally Obtained television shows, I found a new favorite in Pushing Daisies. Not just because people break into song for no apparent reason, not just because the main character makes pies AND is a detective, not just because there's super powers, but because there are some awesome Broadway diva's on the show as full time characters! Woo! It helped me through my day like an old friend.

Saturday was Mountain Play! Yay!! (?) For the most part, a wonderful time was had by Monica, David G (our temporary friend for the day) and I. That's too silly a statement about David, he's a really cool dude, one of Monica's old teachers, and quite a lively personality. Plus, we drank beer together, so that automatically puts us on another step up in the friendship ladder. I was still a little sick through the day, and the mountain heat didn't help, but the company of friend and lover made things easy and the day pass relatively quickly. Saw some friends from Hair, and then saw the show. Average show, but entertaining nonetheless. Bruce was fantastic of course. So was Erik. It's really Cowardly Lion's show though. After the event, I schmoozed with Jim some, put the bug in his ear about me being in Man of La Mancha; he'll forget until I tell him again, but starting it now is good.

Sunday... can't remember what I did Sunday at the moment. Weird. I think I rested. Pretty sure about that... but can't quite remember. Monica? What did we do Sunday? Put it in the comments please. I only remember selecting an audition outfit later in the day (pinstripe pants, blue shirt, Jerry Garcia tie... EXCELLENT!) and hanging out with Mom and Tim bitching about family. Oh right. Sunday. Now I remember. It's funny how we push bad experiences out of our heads when we've had good ones. Monica's a better storyteller for this, so maybe she'll write it in the comments, but let's just say we hung out with her dad for much longer than I ever would want to hang out with someone of his nature. Also, we had lunch.

Monday was my Berkeley Rep audition at 9am in... Berkeley! We then had a slot scheduled for later in the day; 10:30 for me, not bad all things considered. Walked on over to Peets, got myself a delicious iced mocha, and sat down to check my email, etc. on my iPhone. A few minutes later I heard, "Is that Ben?" and saw Hector, the director of Midsummer standing next to me! We talked for a few minutes, him saying how happy he was that I was back in the show, and me saying I was most happy as well! He started walking out the door, and I took my chance to ask him about his company up in Rodent Puke, PASCO, about the generals. He then just said "we can talk about it, I'm sure there's something for you this season." How cool is that! Is my hard work paying off? Something is happening. Gotta just keep putting it out there!

That afternoon was CalShakes, which went very well... as well! I messed up and flipped some of the words around, but other than that, it went stupendously. Plus, I had a day off of work, AND Monica and I were able to spend the evening together, which is always a wonderful time. I can't remember the last time we were able to actually spend just some sit on ass time with each other.

Tuesday was fun. I went to work practically bulletproof because of the discussion. It even was a shorter day; I would be leaving at 3, to get to Woodminster at 4:30, and then down to San Jose by 7:30 to see High School Musical. The day passed rather quickly, I had a shit ton of busy work to do, and then when 3 rolled around, Leah wasn't around to watch the phones. Waiting for a bit, I decided Fuck It and called Michaele to work the phones while I Got the Hell Out of There.

(Tangent, a nice breeze just came through the window, it cut the warm day and reminded me of days leading up to summer in St. Louis.)

Monica met me at the ferry building and we headed over to eastbayland to find Woodminster. Found it fine, and had a great audition! What is up with me and great auditions lately? I don't know, but it's awesome! Afterwards, we headed down to San Jose, had a meal at Peggy Sue's (where we will only eat if we have PLENTY of time next time) and headed over to the show.

I just wrote a big ol' piece about this, so I don't feel like writing much more, but I will say that it was a wonderful show! All it takes to have a good show is to throw money at it, I say! Also, good actors... but money helps that too. Went home, slept, and here we are.

Tonight is Hairspray at the Orpheum; soooo happy it's closer than SJ. And even though writing every day seemed like a good idea a month ago... I'm weary of how it will work this week. Ah well, just this week and I'll be done for a while; besides, it keeps my writing chops well toned and sexy.

Okay, back on my head.

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