Monday, June 16, 2008

Warming up

It's been a few days since I've worked on a review, so I'm going to warm up by writing in here for a bit, before work clogs up my time and I end up doing stupid shit the entire day. Wow, bitch about work much?

But that's why: as soon as I typed that, several projects were dumped onto my lap, most of which were quick and easy, but some were incredible busy work that will probably take the majority of my day. So much for writing. Wait, that's what I'm going to do FIRST. Haha, take that, people on a deadline. They really need to chill out anyway.

The pirate festival was pretty amazing. The best festival I've ever been to, and I've been to approximately 3, so this is saying something. The best part about it was that it didn't take itself too seriously; at the other faires/fests I've been to, the people were very into what was accurate and blah blah blah, with pirates, it's all about having fun and singing and rocking out! That didn't stop me from making fun of the turkeys though. Silly turkeys. Yelp review later. OH! And the place where the festival was - AMAZING! Right on the water in Vallejo. So fun fun fun!

Fairfax festival was fun, but the true spirit of it goes to the people who grew up in Fairfax and can see all the people that come back for the festival - indeed, this is the one time that MANY people come back from everywhere in the country. It certainly is a magical experience for people who grew up in town... but that is lost on anyone who didn't, and the festing itself can be breezed through in under 2 hours. Monica, on the other hand, saw SO many friends of hers and had a blast. I... had some drink, and made some new friends who were in the same "3rd wheel" boat as me. It was a good time, all in all, but next year, I'll go see a movie in the afternoon. No offense, M! I love ya! Just... that's what I gotta do!

Wow... busy weekend. After Fairfax Festival we went to the Gasparinis to have some delicious dinner and some delicious graduation party for Danny and Kasie. Congratulations to them! It was fun, and I'm still eating cookies. They're Good People. I love having good people in my life. When I become super rich, I'm going to be the person who can have all the friends over. Wow, and after the pirate festival the next day, we went to Sam's house and had food and a mediocre tony award show. It was fun to see all our friends from Hair. Despite me not really liking that show itself (aside from the dancing, that was GREAT), I loved the people.. they might be the kind of friends you keep the rest of your life, and that's an amazing thought.

Okay, time to write this motherfucker.

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