Thursday, June 5, 2008

Irony, don't you thnk?

SO! Turns out it was more than a warning. Well, more than a warning about straightening up and flying right.. it's that Leah's going to reduce the 3 office workers to 2. And the second would just be one person working the office, someone full time. So someone like me, an artist who doesn't want to stay there the entire time, who doesn't want to "commit to the office," despite my hard work and... well, lack of devotion, but certainly a sense of duty that the goddamn fucking job needed to be done.

So what do they want? They want a soulless drone, someone with previous administrative experience. My guess? Single mom who needs to be in this position, someone who's soul is sucked so far that any scrap of imagination or creativity has long been snuffed out. What did they say when they first hired me? Something like... we encourage our employees to have extra activities. I told them when I was hired that I would need days, afternoons, off to audition, and that I would need days off simply to rest when doing a show. What a racket... but it's the only thing I truly love to do and would want to do for the rest of my life.

There's still a possibility of part time. There's still a possibility of something else. I don't care; I'm ready to move on. There are things out there for me, and I need to pursue them.

Keep thinking positive thoughts about Actor's Repertory Theatre, please!

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