Monday, June 23, 2008

Mostly Just A Recap

Completely forgot I had an audition tonight at Berkeley Playhouse for Big Friendly Giant. I just sent them an email asking for the performance dates; wouldn't want to waste anyone's time by auditioning for a show I couldn't be in anyway because of whatcha call it, Midsummer. I hope it works out, I really want to work with them, but if it doesn't, it doesn't, and I'm not really in a pickle there; they don't even offer equity points... so I really should keep them off my radar for now. I have enough theatre friends in Ray of Light to fill my "I love this company and would work for them for no points" quota.

Sigh, more stuff to do. Who would have thought that I had so much to do at work.

So what else... yesterday I went to a rehearsal of Mountain Days, which was fun. The choral stuff is far beyond what I'm used to, so it's more of a challenge of working with that than anything else, which is great! I've been singing better lately, and this is a really good opportunity to keep in practice and work more on learning what the notes actually mean that are on the page. Right on. Plus the other perks don't hurt. The show itself is pretty cheesy, but I don't mind that. Plus, it's only 45 minutes long, so it'll be an easy run! Ta da!

Not much else to say. Really excited for Rocky, I hope I get it. OH yeah! And we ran into Wendell the other day and he said he wanted to be in it... as Rocky! Funny how that works; he'd actually be a good Rocky, and it's just the fact that it's ingrained in my head that Rocky is an arian looking dude that it didn't even cross my mind. But yes, he would actually be a good one. It'd be fantastic to work on; super excited, and I know I shouldn't get my hopes too far up.

Nothing much else to say. I'm kinda happy with Mountain Days right now, but a little like... "guh, why did I do this again? Oh yeah, the whole pay it forward thing." Part of me just isn't in the mood for doing a show and then immediately jumping into another one. But the other part of me that beats the real part to the ground says, "hey ben, you're a working actor, so you should probably be doing this."

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