Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I really sometimes have to stop just bitching about my job all the time but it is pretty bad.

I know, I know. Stop bitching about work. It takes over my life though. It really does. I want to stop bitching, but when the bulk of your life is something boring and unbearable, it's hard to think about anything else. And I have to stop complaining that it's only 10 and I've only been here for 2 hours. Can you believe that? Only 2 hours. How the fuck have I kept doing this throughout the past year and a half without burning my face (or others') off? Money, probably. But without the time to have fun with the money, what is the point? AGH.

Okay. Must amuse self. I wonder if I could bring LOTRO here in the days... oh man. That might actually be tempting. Maybe that's a lunch trip.

So anyway. My morning has been composed of applying for new jobs, and recently I thought to myself how I really wanted to Get The Fuck Out Of Here, and then I thought... well why not look for jobs in other cities... which is where I found http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/npo/727069623.html. Which made me happy, and am applying for it as we speak. It would mean that I would need to move to LA (oh gosh darn) and work in theatre full time (man, oh man), but it's a sacrifice I would be able to make.

Done. Applied. Very good cover letter, if I must say so (thanks, Monica! You helped a lot!)

What else? I'm a little gassy today, so this is one of the rare times that I'm glad I'm the only one at the front office; whew! Awkwardness abounds!

Wow, I'm really soul sucked today. Nothing much else to say about it really... um. Yeah.

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