Friday, June 6, 2008

More Reviewing News

Received an email today, correspondence between Edge and 42nd St Moon. Since I've auditioned for them before, they don't want me reviewing shows there; conflict of interest. This is why a pseudonym is formed, but I guess it didn't go through entirely.

So this week will be the exception, and I'll be heading in. What was really cool about it though was that Kevin (with Edge) wrote a really sweet email back to her saying quite good things about my writing. It's one thing to hear it from friends and family, but this is the first time I've heard it from someone outside that bubble of protection: it was fun to hear, to say the least. I just hope it doesn't make things awkward for other shows to review.

Nothing much else is new. I'm still sick, so will be resting today so I can feel better tomorrow.
I'm eating a delicious donut, and contemplating driving up and surprising Monica later at work. I've decided I'll do it if I feel better. I certainly hope I do!

Um. That's it! I'm going to rest now.

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