Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mostly Random

Again, more odd energy at work. These past few days have been very strange: people walking around my desk, and staying for long periods of time, not talking to me, just talking to each other or reading the paper or simply staring into space, weird fluxes of work that are so easy I want to punch someone in the face, yet they still talk to Leah first, as if I've never done anything like this before.

Also, much like the tool I am, I received my headset today for this godawful phone system. The headset is sub par, but it does release me from having to crane my neck all day. Happy about that, not so much happy about it being a dumb device. So that's contributing to MY weird energy. Bleh. I'll just be much happier once this day is over and I'm onto my audition and gaming tonight. Bad mood though, I'm almost not even looking forward to tonight, and that's almost blasphemy in my book.

Nothing much else to report. I might try and go for a walk today, but then I might just try and work on lines in the car, get that scene solid, and get my mind off of everything. I also might go buy Age of Conan, to get that over with. But when I start calling games "getting over with", I might need to reconsider whether or not I want to buy it in the first place. Whatever, I'll figure it out, and get it if I get it, don't if I don't. It's not a big deal right now.

I've been really strangely worried about these lines. I know I haven't even started rehearsal yet, but the lines themselves are numerous, duh it's the best part in the show, and it's been a long time since I've had to carry a show, let alone a Shakespeare piece. So I'm stressing out about it a little early, but I'll make sure to have them down, or at least familiar with them, as the rehearsals start. That way, it'll be easy to pick up everything else. Guess I decided what I'm going to do during my lunch. Let's get that first scene down.

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