Thursday, June 26, 2008

Real Life Stage Lighting

Hope hope hope. Put some good energy out there for me, will you? I found a job from craigslist for Good Earth Natural Foods, right in Fairfax - hello biking and walking distance! Today I sent in a text version of my resume so that in case they didn't get my pdf yesterday for some unknown reason, they'll now have this to love and cherish. Tomorrow I'm going to call them and see what the application process is like; shows eagerness and willing too. I really hope I get it. I'd like to be able to bike to work, and to have a little bit of creativity in my day. It would be practically perfect for me... well if it had theatre involved too it would be better, but other than that... yes it would!

Last night I experienced typical Rich behavior of not respecting actors and blah blah blah. So I left early. You heard me right: I had no reason to leave early, but I just left, saying I needed to go, and then walked out. This whole process, while fun whenever the music director is there, is hideously stupid when we actually have the artistic director around. But that's how it was with Sunrise, why would it be any different now? It isn't. Fuck them. At least with Sunrise they paid us, and treated us with a little bit of respect that is due to actors. For this... no pay, and here we are, not being told how important we are; at least not by the director, our music director/composer is very complimentary. He's the reason I haven't quit all together; he's really helping me with my music.

However, tonight's rehearsal is in Danville. They sprung that on us. Either it was already there in the schedule (likely, now that I look at it) and I didn't just register it, or they just said SURPRISE, get ready to drive! It's more likely the former... but I've never thought about skipping a rehearsal more than I have with this one. The more I think about it... the more I'm going to do it. I can make up some crappy excuse like the car broke down or something like that: we're not called till 8, and released at 10.. and while rehearsing with the orchestra is important, we'll have the opportunity to do it Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Also... I've worked with an orchestra before. I really need to think on this. People are missing those rehearsals all the time; that's what you get with volunteers. A night off would be nice. Never thought it would come to me missing rehearsals...

What else is new? I had a callback yesterday for this great , and then was given another one today, to read with one of the actors already cast! It's a great project, but I can't talk about it; I'll just say that I'm excited, and would love to be a part of it.

The light's been very strange here ever since the fires. It makes these wonderful shadows on the ground from the small trees outside. It almost looks as if we're in a theatre, and it's a direct leko light on the ground from offstage. Yes, I'm a geek. But it's beautiful.

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