Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Jobs and Plays

Okay fine. I'll finish up Mountain Days. Even without a reimbursed driving thing, I'll think of it as a class for music that only lasts two weeks. And in reality, it doesn't even do that; it's another show to put on my resume, and another reason for the Willows to hire me again - especially in one of their musicals. I mean... come on! I'd love to work there again. They may be a little weird to work for, but they're a legit equity point theatre! And last night's rehearsal was very fun. So there you have it. A few more weeks without video games - I can do that.

So yes, I actually am having fun volunteering my time. That isn't to say that I have not sent out my complaint out there; this morning I wrote to Rich saying that... hey, I'm happy do to this, but you know what would be really nice? If you paid me like you said you would. Yeah, that would be great. A little nicer than that, actually.... but that was the gist of it, and Rich likes me well enough for me to be frank with him.

I applied to 5 places today, mostly just admin shit around here, but one that I REALLY want (thanks Monica for sending me the link!) is with Good Earth, the organic food store around here. It pays about the same I make now, and is the same kind of work, except there's also minor graphics work! How cool would that be please? I'm thinking I might want to bring in a sampling of doodles and shit I've created, who knows, they might like my style. Either that or I can whip little cute things on photoshop. Or just cats. Whatever! If it was in my daily life, I would get better; I want to try and sell myself on the fact that I'm a good admin, and I live like... NEXT DOOR, so being late wouldn't be a problem. We'll see. I have a good feeling about it... and maybe good feelings will work, since it is vibe central - Fairfax.

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