Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It seems like a plague has swept the shores of Saint Anselm. Monica was floored by it, and now your hero seems to have it. An achey body, sore throat, sniffles... it might be a full blown cold. This is acceptable for the most part, but I enjoy being off work and NOT sick, simply saying that I am. It will be a sad day if tomorrow I'm floored at home, unhappy, and not reading comics or playing games. Sigh.

Although, it would be nice if I went and bought Lego Indiana Jones and/or Conan today at lunch... hm...

I got an email back from ACT, they were interested in me until I mentioned that I had no archival stuff of my carpentry work. Admittedly, I need more practice with building and painting sets, but wouldn't that come with the job? Wouldn't the trial by fire force me to become better? Quite possibly, but when they could find someone with the skills already there, I can see that appeal. They did put me on their overhire lists, so maybe I can get some training that way; I told them I wasn't completely oblivious to building sets, and if I can get work like that, hourly shit, I can build my skills.

Also, it might be time to start just volunteering to help build stuff at community theatres around here - the more stuff on my resume, the more documentation, and the more likely I'll be able to get a full time job in theatre. I could also volunteer for the Pirate Fest coming up, building stuff.

It's so weird. I thought that being a tech position was different, more apprentice oriented. Sure, I'd not know much, but as the months went by, I could get a handle of the skills and eventually gain more and more responsibility. Maybe that is how it really is handled, and for this position specifically they wanted someone with more experience. Who knows. At least I'm putting it out there; no use lying about my skills, and I wouldn't want to be in a job that was completely out of my league. So here's to overhire! And here's to continuing to put it out there!

Speaking of putting it out there, since I've seen Kai, we've been keeping in better touch, and he recommended me for a reading tonight. I read the script; it's pretty good! I betcha I'll have a fun time, even with the plague.

More goodness to come, but I just need to go take a nap in the car now.

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