Friday, July 18, 2008

WTF Mate?

Joan originally, as you recall, was going to sell me for $500, well under the bluebook price, which she also knew when telling me she would sell it to me for $500, of $2000. Nice. Very nice, I thought. I've had the car for a while now, and as you recall, I received the car back in April. She has been very generous about letting me use the car, but from what I can tell, she hasn't been really missing it - I've received NO phone calls of any urgency from her until recently.. and that probably was only because I called her like 5 weeks ago.

Anyway. It sucks. My plan is to call her back today, after our brief conversation ("well, I have to check my funds.") and tell her that because of the repairs I paid for, and the repairs that it will need in the upcoming weeks (breaks, probably), that I simply can't afford the extra $500, and kind of budgeted myself for just the original price. If she gives me shit, or time to pay, or anything like that, I might just stick to my guns and say I can only pay 500. It's what she agreed upon, she's just being greedy, and that makes me sick. They are incredibly rich. Super rich. Not just oh, let's go to hawaii for a few weeks rich like my other friends are, they will never need to work. Ever. And she was poor for so long... I just think she's lost perspective on what it's like to be a normal peon.

Whatever. I'll call her and leave a message later.

Jesus, just found out a friend of mine might need surgery on her collerbone from a fall earlier this year. Shit. So much for 2008 being nice. Lets hope it gets better. Or at the very least let's hope I get a serindipidous call from someone asking me to run a theatre company. That would be fine too.... still waiting on that call, friend.

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