Friday, July 25, 2008

Unexpected Presents

Tonight I was given the night off from rehearsal, and tomorrow, rehearsal is only until 1! Therefore I can get out and run down to Pacifica to officially buy this goddamned car earlier than usual, and make it back in time for possibly a hot date with Monica. I shouldn't say possibly, it should be probable. We need to go on a hot date that actually happens, not one that ends up us not going to the city because the traffic is so bad. Maybe up to a mid range restaurant? We like eating...

I've officially become a Tool. I spent the better part of this morning writing some thank you cards to all these assholes here. Some not assholes, but mostly its to the higher ups saying what a joy it was to work here, and great jobs are because there's great leadership. Completely out of my ass. My ass is pretty vocal when it needs to be. But it's something you need to do, like swallowing (your pride) and sucking up to casting directors or agents or workshops, it's just what you have to do. Might as well keep the swallowing (of pride) in practice and do it here; I have to swallow (pride) enough in the acting world.

It's an odd dichotomy though; as actors we are supposed to have pride, but we need to know the humility that comes from not getting cast at all ever in a million years oh my god i'm never getting a part again. I think I'm getting it down, and the more people I meet, the more I realize it's a completely universal trait; I'm happy to have more friends from this show that think the same way I do. This has been a Good Thing, and tomorrow I'm going to ask Hector if he needs any tech help, specifically stage managerial tech help, for his shows coming up this season.

Still very much worried about what I'm going to do after this job: so far, no one's called me in for an interview. I think it's back to temp work for a while, and focus on starting my school career; I think I'm going to sign up for some classes at CoM, and maybe a few workshops around the area. Who knows if it'll do anything good, but at least I'll make some friends, and there are a few non theatre (yes, I know, WEIRD) classes that I want. Maybe even an... yes, I'm going to say it, accounting class. I'm more likely to take a flash class though, get started on the way of computers; that's where everything's headed anyway, I'm tired of being out of the loop. First thing's first though, I need a vocal coach.

But not right now! Right now I need a granola bar!

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Meredith said...

I think the more pride you swallow, the more bullshit you are able to expel out of your ass. It's the corporate digestive system.