Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Long fun weekend. Friday was the Marin County Fair, where I ate myself silly and rode some rides and stayed for fireworks. It was profoundly American, especially the end where we were trapped in an inefficiently run parking lot for 2 and a half hours, and everyone's pride in one another and one's country is thrown out the window while they cut you off in the parking lot. But most of the day was great! We hung out with Bruce and Jessica and Mom and Tim and had a blast walking around the fair. Great times. Good fireworks too.

For the most part, Saturday was pretty chill. Monica and I went to see Pericles that evening, and thought it was pretty well done, aside from some not so good actors. It was a combination Deadwood/O, Brother, Where Art Thou world, and the style worked for the piece. And honestly, Pericles needs some help when it comes to the text; it's not a very well written show. Mom was, of course, brilliant, and Tim was, of course, amazing. The rest was good, aside from some other clunkers as stated before. Lotro was played earlier in the day. A good day.

Sunday was full of fights with Kai! Woo! How fun was that. We fought for 2 and a half hours at Gerstle Park, and had a break for lunch, heading over to the Playhouse to bring Monica some delicious foods. We then continued to fight, and then finished the fight! Oh man, it was great. 5 hours total, and I'm still sore from the fight. Next time, knee braces as well. I miss fighting. Afterwords we went and saw Hancock, which was terrific, but nothing to be really excited about. It wasn't like Kung Fu Panda or Wall*E, where I think about it for days after. That's how I can tell if a movie has really affected me.

Monday was The Interview. Or rather it was Flight Canceled/Do I Really Want To Do This? I took out a piece of paper and wrote down the go line and the stay line, and it boiled down to me not really wanting to move to LA right now. I'm loving my life here, and yes, there's some strife and stupidity, but I do love where I am, and this is the time of my life, I should enjoy it before I head on out into the unknown. Besides, I'm getting cast in some terrific roles, so it's not all that bad. I also would like to say that my mom is the best: she picked me up from the airport when I wanted to come home. I love my mum. The rest of the day I should have worked on lines, but didn't, playing Lotro instead. I must work on lines this afternoon while I have the evening off, at lunch as well.

I feel good about my decision. It was one of those decisions that I think I made a while ago, but just pretened to be debating about it for a few days. Yeah. I didn't want to move to LA right now anyway, and that's not just being sour grapes. That's the truth. My life here is good, why should I change it early? I'm going to have fun for now.

Last night was the first rehearsal for Midsummer. Of course I'm worried about lines, that's not the point. I'm really worried that it's going to be a horrible show, even with Hector directing it. I think it was the exact right thing to do to accept this part, but... hm. It's going to be a very much step in the backwards direction if I'm looking for professionalism. Hector, of course, will be very fun to work with, but some of the other actors seemed not too bright. It is just the read through. They'll improve. I hope hope hope. In any case, I'll be great, yes? It's going to be hard. I need to work on these lines. Well, an hour today and some tonight, with a bit of gaming afterwards.

It is a good life.

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