Monday, July 21, 2008

Last Full Week

Here we are! My last full week at SWA! How do I feel about this? Pretty good, actually. Still worried about the whole finding a job thing, but for the most part I'm happy that this is ending, and I'm happy that they made the decision for me, rather than I did it myself. Because of that, I can be happily on unemployment for a little bit. Wow, hungry all of a sudden; gonna go grab a snack.

And of course, Elaine is gone even though I have to leave now to get to my *ahem* "Dentist Appointment." Whatever, I'll be late and say I had to run from work. Sucks though, wish I could leave now.

Anyway, I have an audition tonight with Theatreworks, and an audition tomorrow for 42nd Street Moon. I'm staying positive and realistic, and I'm going to give them a show and do my best, even though it might be a waste of time. Well, to be honest, it's never really a waste of time getting my face out there; even if they don't use me, if I keep plugging it they'll remember me more and more. Besides, I can brag about it to Hector.

I guess this is a short blog entry; not feeling too hot today, so I'm going to zone out for a bit and just focus on my job.

Oh, also I saw The Dark Knight last night with Bruce. AMAZING.

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