Friday, September 12, 2008 is a geneaology site. Did I spell that right?

My editor at EDGE is giving me some shit about rescheduling and not being able to get to the person on time to cancel my tickets for the show in the nastiest part of San Francisco the other night. I kindly reminded him that my schedule is full, and hinted at the fact that I do this for free. The attitude may come from a bad day or whatever, but I have a feeling he doesn't realize that since I'm doing this as a volunteer, he needs to realize that I'm not at his beck and call. And even if he paid me, it still is common human decency to help people out when they're not feeling well. Honestly though, if he was paying me, it would be slightly different since, you know, we all need money.

No, this isn't going for another rant about how I wish I had a job (because I do) or how I need some money (yeah, need that to), but I just want to document that it's still going on in my life. I'm trying every day, around 20 applications a day, with cover letters roughly tailored for what their looking for; I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel every time, ya know. The tough shit is that I'm trying really hard, and nothing's coming from it. My mom says that looking for a job is a full time job, which honestly is what I'm doing. Today I'm starting some follow up calls at some places I'm really interested in; maybe it's just been busy for them.. every single one of them... So as of right now, every entry on craigslist is the purple "already looked" at, instead of the fresh blue "this might be it" entry. Mocking me. Fuck you craigslist.

As I was writing that last paragraph, the commercial for the digital television transfer that's happening next February came on. I've been seeing these commercials for about 5 months now, as well as news stories, articles in the New York Times and the Chronicle, and shit tons of other places. It's simply odd to me how people focus on this, rather than things that may be important, like, oh say, health care troubles, the war, education troubles, or anything that matters in this country. Literally anything matters more than television. Literally. My jaw literally hit the floor.

I'm still wearing the purple shirt. I guess my walk, sweaty as I might have been, didn't dissuade me from wearing it again. Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to wear my vest to the event. Hopefully it'll be pretty fun, especially for a vested handsome man like myself.

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