Thursday, September 4, 2008


Kim Possible makes me happy. The writing is amazing. Voice acting is amazing. This is what made me want to become a voice actor, particularly because there's more than just the same three voices you hear in cartoons now a days. Well, except for Patrick Walburton, but then again, he's amazing, and fits into those parts. And if he really wanted to do something different, I'm sure he would, but if I had a talent like that, I'd stick with it as much as I could.

Other than the short vacation to northern northern California, it's been mostly the same. Walking, Uke, looking for jobs. Surprisingly less work on my video gaming lately. I still love my games, it's just that I've been not in the mood for anything more than watching some Kim and do some Uke.

One other thing that I've been stressing and then not is my horrific dropping of the iPhone as we were going through the Drive Through Tree. There is a huge disfiguring scar on the glass of my beautiful precious. It did put me in a cranky mood for a while, but for some reason am now charmed by it. Mostly since my phone still works perfectly, and no glass has gone into my face. Yet. Can't wait for that.

With my latest unemployment, I recieved an Appointment Notice. I'm supposed to go to an Initial Assistance Workshop in a couple of weeks. Here's to hoping that I actually get another job before I have to go to this thing. However, it might be useful anyway; they're programs set up for the ever growing unemployed.

Der. What else? Filming tomorrow. This script is not getting into my brain. And the parts that ARE in my brain are really stupid. What the hell did I get into? Sigh. The problem with these writers is that they don't understand what actually is interesting and what isn't. No one cares about these people! There's no conflict, and when there is conflict... who the fuck cares? Ugh. I'm just frustrated. He's been incredibly nice about the whole thing, including shit like meals and such. But you know the problem? The problem that gives me pause is that I'm not being paid, and I have a feeling this will never be picked up, because of the aforementioned doesn't matter-ness. However, if it does get picked up, I'll just make sure to learn my lines more than just the day before.

Anyway, going to watch more Kim. Oh, and if you see Monica, tell her I love her, and that she's going to be fine, and she'll be through this shit soon.

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