Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exercise Log plus other

Huge walk from San Anselmo to San Rafael today, and before that some crunches and shit. I'm getting skinny, and I'm proud of myself. Now to just stop eating everything in my sight.

As usual, my life has been on repeat. Lately I've been very disgruntled with my friends' success in pretty much everything. I have one friend successful in everything, I think. Examples: Drew - Music, Jayne - Acting, Monica - Job of her dreams. I am happy for my friends, for sure! And honestly, I'm not a super musician or historian like two of the three, but goddamn if I'm a good actor, and a pretty spiffy singer. Things will turn around, especially with Drew's meetings with some pretty awesome companies around here, to bring Crazy to the Bay Area again next year, with really great companies. Hello Original Cast! Oh please please please. WOOooooOooo.

Stepped up the publicity for myself as well. I've been actually calling places to get jobs/acting work, rather than sending my resume and such into the wild blue yonder, and hoping things get better. Being proactive is the key. Especially since my unemployment check hasn't reared its beautiful head lately. I figure they don't really rush those out to help their citizens with troubles that might be going on in their lives. With that in mind, back to phone calls.

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