Friday, October 3, 2008

When it rains.

Had my audition for Tony n' Tina yesterday. Blew them out of the water, got a call today saying they want me for a role. I'm going to see the show next Saturday and see if I like it, if I want to be in it. I've done some research, and from what I've heard is that if they like you now, they like you for a long time, and that you can take breaks from the show in order to pursue other projects; they have tons of people they can call on for a performance. 50 bucks a show. Not bad.

I still haven't figured out what my schedule would be, but I think I'm going to call them tomorrow to see what's going on, and talk to them about when I would start, what I would play, etc. Even though I'm sure they'd talk to me on Saturday about the whole thing. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited - there's a lot of stupid theatre in this world, but getting experience at a long running thing like that, experience with improv, dinner theatre, and tourist theatre... it's something that I need to learn if I'm going to stay in this business for any length of time. So yes, excited. Plus, I'll be working right next to that mini donut stand. Delish.

I was just sidetracked for 15 minutes reading some stuff about video games. This in turn happened because I'm easily sidetracked when I'm a little drunk. The drunkness happened because I went to a bar tonight after the first act of Midsummer. I didn't do the second act because it's raining pretty hard here and it was getting dangerous. I've never had a show called after the first act before, but I felt pretty good about it, and pretty good about the beverage I had afterwards with a MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL PLAYER friend of Joe's. He loved the show, and will come back on Sunday to see the rest of it. He plays for San Diego. He loved me. It was neat to be in the presence of a bit of a celebrity, even though I don't like baseball. He seemed to like me as a friend, and honestly, I'd consider us getting closer to friendship... maybe acquaintanceship.

In any case. I'm still a little buzzed. Hence the fact that I had to retype that last sentence thrice. Thrice. I'm weird.

Okay, less type, more relax.

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