Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm wearing a necklace I bought in hawaii

Just got called into Impact to read for Lysander. Kind of a funny situation, but it should be interesting. And besides, I'll be able to get myself seen there; always a good thing. I do indeed love that theatre, and hope to work there someday. Also! I have an audition this Friday for Into the Woods. I don't know what to sing yet... I'm debating between "No More" or "Unworthy of your Love." Either would work; I sing both pretty well.

So anyway, this post isn't a long one, I have to leave in about a half an hour in order to get to the workshop thing absurdly early like I usually do. Meh, maybe I'll leave at 5:15. If I'm late, I didn't make a monetary reservation. Man. Why am I so weird about this thing tonight? I'm just nervous. We say we like change, but it's always a little odd and scary. I'm of course worried for the worst, that this teacher will be weird and belittling. But you know what's the strangest? Totally nervous about working in front of people; part of the course is to be on the mic during the evening.

Whatever though. If it goes well, I've done something good with my life during this downtime. And if it sucks, I'll never have to see them again. Funny. I barely have enough cash right now... I don't know why I'm doing this tonight. But. It is pretty cheap. That's the benefit of going to one of these pickup workshops.

And 15 places applied today.


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