Monday, October 6, 2008

Did not put enough peanut butter and jelly on this peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Pretty much the title is what's been going through my mind as I eat my lunch. What was I thinking? Was I thinking we'd stretch the pb&j longer than necessary? I opened the stuff for the first time this morning. I'm a fool, and now I only taste bread with a hint of the joy that should be beneath the two slices. Also there looks like there's mold on this bread. Yum. We have to eat this shit fast. Not literal shit though, that would be grossness.

Oh! I just came up with an idea. BRB.

Idea implemented. Booya.

So anyway, I have my callback for La Cage aux Folles tonight. I hope hope hope they really consider me for Albin - the Nathan Lane role in the movie. He's the intelligent, cool dude. And I can finally play a part that's written as gay, rather than put gay subtext in the lines. Awesome. I don't do that all the time, just when it's fun.

And Midsummer is over. Closing night was fun, if a slightly unresponsive audience. And I already miss my new friends that I made throughout this run, and I'm already jealous that some of them are now working at Berkeley Rep for their next shows as understudies. But bleh, it'll happen for me someday, and they deserve to succeed. They're great people. (How's the new 'tude workin? Haha!)

Currently I'm studying my songs and sides, and in a bit I'll look over the script for Goodnight, Daniel. So much stuff on my plate, it's weird to think that this is over, but I have so much left in the year, and so much coming up next year, hopefully... In any case, gotta keep plugging along and enjoy myself, and enjoy this break from the working world to help pushing myself into a positive place in my life.

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