Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oddly Very Disappointed

Didn't get into the St. Louis touring thing. I didn't think I would, given the strangeness I've been given from the people in charge there, but whatever. The funny thing is, the response from them was such a copy paste email saying, "actors from Chicago or Louisville often times come in and audition in person." Yes, people do come from places other than the St. Louis area, but I called specifically to ask if I could submit something electronically, and they said yes. Their other excuses were the normal ones: we need to make an ensemble of 25 characters, needs to be tight knit, etc., but as its so often true, they probably just saw that I lived here, and didn't give me a second glance. Either that or they already have their fat guy. Because of that, I have a feeling if I did audition in person, I wouldn't have been given a callback.

It's no point being bitter, and I'm not, but it's just strange how I can figure out what their thinking so easily. Maybe it's different. Maybe they thought I was spectacular but just couldn't use me. After all, I think I'm spectacular... maybe it's just a monologue thing. Maybe my monologues just aren't as wonderful as I think they are. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm living 2000 miles away at the moment that gives them pause when casting me. Or maybe they're just shallow. Sure, lets say all of the above. Although, I do think my monologues are pretty rockin, if I do say so myself.

Tonight I'm doing some stand in work for Rocky. I'm not too sure how to feel about it. It's with friends, but they won't be there, and I hear the director's a bit of a give an inch, asks for a mile type. So dunno what's that going to be about. I'm just happy I get to help out my friends whom I see very little of now a days; our circle just doesn't intersect.

Man, why am I so bummed at the St. Louis thing? It's not like it would have been much. Maybe it's me missing where I grew up, and this would be an opportunity to work and play there every day for a little bit. Plus equity points, that always is appealing.

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