Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I haven't watched Criminal Minds ever, and there's probably a reason; it's not a super great show, but since Wil Wheaton was a guest star on an episode a week ago, I downloaded the episode and am watching it now. Yeeesh, hardcore shit. And I like Wil a lot, reading his blog about his technique and then watching his performance is a really neat exercise.

But fuck it this show doesn't pump up the melodrama when shit happens. Meh, William Mapother is pretty awesome too, and Joe Mantegna is pretty great. Everyone else though has the traditional Frowney Eyes that comes with a crime drama. Especially a Crime Drama. I don't think this will be a massive download that comes with my love of a series (Battlestar Galactica, LOST, etc.). A good sampling of it though, but if I want crime drama, I'm going to stick with my CSI.

Also, I can make it to the Mountain Play Benefit, a wonderful decision that makes me happy, especially if I can pull of the song well again.

42nd Street Moon starts soon. I hope I like it. I think I will.

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