Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Tried to update blogger stuff during my St. Louis/Memphis trip, but that never happened. As can be seen.

The flight out was pretty okay, and the first night we came home, and after a slightly awkward hello with my dad (always slightly awkward..I don't think it'll ever be as cool as it was when I was a little kid) and saw Laurie later briefly... and that was the trip, when it came to the house. While dad was incredibly awesome and let me use the car for the entire trip, he and Laurie were largely nonexistent as usual. That didn't stop us from having a fun time by first going to Blueberry Hill in the Loop, sadly after much of the Loop was closed, so we couldn't head out to the rest of the strip and see the shops, particularly the comic shop and the vintage clothing place.

Blueberry Hill was the first of my Many Burgered Trip. It was a small, yet fantastic burger. Monica had something delicious, but for the most part, to be honest I was too focused on my burger.

I guess Wednesday will be posted later, as I'm having a love affair with these Cheeze-its.

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Meredith said...

There are parts of St. Louis that will never stack up to New York, and the Loop is one of them (in my mind). Many an excellent time was spent there.