Monday, April 20, 2009

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My callback today went pretty well. Well, pretty well in the sense that I got a great workout, sang probably the best out of everyone there, and read among the top. The funny thing is... I don't really think I want this gig, and that makes me laugh; all the callbacks/auditions I do REALLY well on are ones I really don't think would be a great career booster. Why oh why can't I redirect that luck to something I'd really love to do.

Anyway. A mosquito hawk is fucking with me this evening. It annoys me, but I can't smash it; it kills my nemeses.... so I must learn to live with it running into my eye. Yes, folks, it just ran into my eye as I was typing this. I might have swatted it to oblivion. Oh well. They're big fuckers, but it totally was creeping me out.

Ever messed with Braid? It's awesome, and I think I OD'ed on it during the past couple of days. And I'm convinced that one of the stars is impossible to get because my laptop has too little of a processor to get the framerate fast enough and reaction time down... but it may just be my reflexes that need to tune up.

Aaand I have 2 days off rehearsal! Yep. I should be learning my lines during those days, and you know what, it's probably going to happen. This is for Wildcat by the way. It's fun.

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